Have your favorite snacks sliced with the best french fry cutter

French fries are always the go-to starters for almost everyone. The perfect shape and crunch can only be achieved by some of the best french fry cutter.

The best french fry cutters

If you are looking for the best french fry cutter then the following might help you make a good choice:

  • Culinafrench fry potato cutter – achieving restaurant-quality french fries in the comfort of your own home is something that many people wish they had. Fortunately, Culina is here to turn this wish into a reality. The Culinafrench fry potato cutter comes with two interchangeable blades, so that home chefs have more control. Users can elect regular fries or the ultra-thin gourmet version, but accurate cuts will be delivered, which is sure to satisfy even the perfectionist cook.
  • New star foodservice french fry cutter – with its huge number of blades and blocks, new star foodservice has created a very versatile french fry cutter. This mighty model comes with three different blades and blocks, which makes it very easy for users to find exactly what they need. It also boasts a rust-proof powder-coated heavy-duty cast iron. this helps make it extremely durable, and extra security is provided by the special suction cups on the base of the model to hold it firmly in place. New star foodservice french fry cutter can be mounted on a counter or the wall.
  • Progressive international mandoline slicer – cooking for the family while on the road can be a bit of a challenge. Most RVs have limited space, so; it is important to select compact kitchen equipment. However, the equipment must be durable enough to take knocks and bumps. The progressive international mandolin slicer comes with an extra-wide stainless steel slicing deck for enhanced durability. This model also boasts four adjustable slicing thicknesses and two julienne options for thin and french fry cuts. There is even a waffle cutting style option for enhanced versatility.
  • Weson restaurant-quality french fry cutter – the Wesson restaurant-quality french fry cutter is ideal for even novice cooks. It comes with stainless steel blends which are very durable and efficient. users need to install this model on a countertop or a wall and get to work