Advantages of pressure washing

What are its advantages? The pressure washer is preferable to the garden hose because, in the face of a higher initial cost, it then gives the possibility to save time and energy, and to reduce water consumption . Let’s see its strengths better:

Make less effort. Thanks to its high-pressure jet, the pressure washer is able to remove dirt with less difficulty than a classic water barrel, even when we are dealing with the most stubborn dirt: not only will you save effort, but you will have more surfaces clean commercial cleaning services in Cleveland, OH

You take less time . The performance of the pressure washer allows you to get rid of dirt much faster than a garden hose: less time to spend on household cleaning, more free time to relax and indulge in your hobbies!

You waste less water. The power of the high-pressure water jet allows you to clean better and faster: reducing washing times , therefore, less water is used .

It is therefore clear why the pressure washer saves water resources, when compared to a water hose. The force of the high pressure means that the dirt is eliminated more quickly: by taking less time to clean , we will have a reduced water consumption! Furthermore, the garden hose always has the same flow rate, whether we want to clean a very encrusted surface or if we want to intervene on the lightest dirt. The advantage of choosing a pressure washer, on the other hand, is also that of being able to choose a machine with pressure and flow rate suitable for the type of applications you have to perform. Let’s go deeper into this aspect!

The advantages of AR Blue Clean pressure washers

AR Blue Clean gives you the possibility to choose the pressure washer that best suits your needs: as regards water consumption, you can opt for a machine with a more or less high flow rate (expressed in l / h) depending on the cleaning needs . The AR Blue Clean pressure washers for domestic use , in fact, have a flow rate ranging from 400 l / h for the smaller models, up to 600 l / h for the larger ones.