This Petition was delivered to LDS Church Headquarters on

November 4th, 2009

  "It takes a great deal of character strength to apologize…  A person must possess himself and have a deep sense of security in fundamental principles and values in order to genuinely apologize." -Stephen R. Covey

"There is a saying that to understand is to forgive, but that is an error,. . . .You must forgive in order to understand. Until you forgive you defend yourself against the possibility of understanding." -Marilynne Robinson, Home

We the undersigned, in the spirit of love and peace, earnestly seek to create a climate for reconciliation between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and gays and lesbians who have been affected by the policies, practices and politics of the Church.  We recognize that issues surrounding sexuality and gender orientation are complex; that understanding of these matters has evolved, especially over the past several decades, and are continuing to evolve as scientists, therapists, theologians and others continue to explore and ponder their meaning and significance; We believe that people of good will may have differing views about homosexuality, while maintaining amicable relationships.

True reconciliation requires that parties on both sides of this issue be willing to honestly examine their attitudes, behaviors (including past behaviors), policies and practices—and be open to understanding, forgiveness (both asking for and accepting), and apology.

For individuals who have suffered or been forced to watch a loved one suffer mistreatment, misunderstanding, or demonization as a consequence of the LDS church’s official policies, actions, and teachings regarding sexual orientation, we understand that true reconciliation will require rejecting redress through hostility, will take time, and be a difficult process.

For Church leaders, reconciliation requires examining ways in which official statements, rhetoric, policy and practice have been injurious to gays and lesbians and their families and friends; have caused unnecessary pain and suffering, rejection, psychological and spiritual damage and even death.  This means scrupulously acknowledging such practices as "reorientation"– reparative, revulsion, and shock-therapies; such teachings as homosexuality being an evil perversion, a condition that is chosen and changeable and one that can be overcome through fasting, prayer, sacrifice and heterosexual marriage; and using scriptures that are taken out of context, mistranslated or that are highly selective to condemn homosexuality.  It also means to repudiate publicly circulated articles, essays, books, speeches, and conference addresses that have stereotyped or demonized gays and lesbians.

We believe that the time is right for healing over this issue to begin, for those on both sides to manifest forgiveness, magnanimity, and especially, love.  We believe reconciliation requires us to strive for open hearts and minds so that we might live together in peace and mutual respect.  It is long past time for those on both sides to begin treating one another with greater dignity, respect and understanding.

                                      Signed by:

 A. Latham Staples
A. Lynne Evans
A. Scott Henderson
A.J. Page
Aaron Ardmore
Aaron Clark
Aaron Curtis
Aaron Manley
Aaron P.
Abdallah Karam, MD
Adair K. Nef
Adam Adolfo
Adam Beckworth
Adam Blackwell
Adam D. Greener
Adam Forgie
Adam Kray
Adam Madsen Lund
Adam McDonald
Adam Nelson
Adam R. Collings
Adam Slack
Adam Tripp
Adrian Dutkiewicz
Adrienne Bartholomae
Adrienne Youngberg
Afton January
Aimee Darby
Aimee Larsen Stoddard
Aimee Loveless
Akoni Gullano
Alan D. Stillman
Alan E. Barber, J.D
Alan K Chan
Alan Oakley
Alan Scott Robinson
Alan Thordsen
Alan Walker
Alan Westermark
Alanna Farnsworth
Alberto Perez
Alec Davis
Alec Van Orden
Alex Allan
Alex Blayden
Alex Dean Gunter, formerly Lisa Diane Gunter.
Alex Forsyth
Alex Tucker – (formerly Milissa M. Johnson)
Alexander Cheney
Alexander Laska
Alexzander Isaacson
Alice Anderson
Alicia Carney
Alicia Gonzales
Alina Moran
Alisha Mace
Alison Acker
Alison Barker Bennett
Alison Klossner
Alison P. Walker
Alison Patrice Marrelli
Alissa Skinner
Alix Lewis
Allan Engleman
Allan Hurst
Allan Roberts
Allan Roberts
Allen Williams
Allisa Mason
Allison Ottley Herbert
Allison Payne
Allison Woodhouse
Allyson Hubner
Alma H. Smith
Althea Ingram
Alvin Greening Jr
Amanda Bearden
Amanda Bogart
Amanda Duncan
Amanda Duran
Amanda Otterstrom
Amanda Walker
Amara Patterson
Amber Dalton
Amber Hanna
Amber Stevens
Amy Booth
Amy Bruderer
Amy Hoglund
Amy Kumar
Amy Okelberry
Amy P. Bjorge
AnaBella M. Cooper
Anastasia Ailport
Andrea Beringer-Lyon
Andrea Berryman
Andrea Sandoval (Metcalfe)
Andrea Schultz
Andrew Ashcroft
Andrew Huffaker
Andrew King
Andrew Miner
Andrew Patterson
Andrew Price
Andrew Purchin
Andrew Putschoegl
Andrew Smith
Andrew Solomon
Andrew Stelter
Andrew Wilkinson
Andy Davidson
Andy Joseph
Andy Monaco
Angel Hayes
Angela Nibley
Angela Surginer
Angela Thomas
Angelena Duncombe
Angelica Elster
Angie F.
Angie Paxton
Anita Zike Adkins
Ann Austin, Ph.D.
Ann Cromey
Anna L. Petersen
Anne Adams
Anne Cagle
Anne White
Annette Watson
Annie Anderson
Anthony Collins
Anthony Evans
Anthony J Friendnio
Anthony Kron
Anthony Sramek
Antoinette Barker
Anton Hribar
Apu Jabba
Ari Lokeni
Ariadna Egbert
Aric Johnstone
Ariel Thomas-Urlik
Arlene Armijo
Arlene Heck
Armand Decosta
Armand Raoul
Art Roan
Arthur Hiram Bell
Arthur Jay
Ash Johnsdottir
Ashlee Wanlass
Ashley A. Warren
Ashley K. Saenz
Ashley Sanders
Ashley-Anne Furner Brown
Austin Hansen
Austin Smith
Autumn Lee Koomen
Avonelle Tomlinson
Avril Thorne
B. Terry
Barbara Hanks
Barbara Lube
Barbara VanLandingham
Barry Weiser
Bart Mortensen
Beano Solomon
Beau Daggetz
Becky Jo McShane
Ben Hartley
Ben Pierson
Ben Scott
Benjamin Candelaria
Benjamin Clark
Benjamin Fitzgerald
BenJamin O. Marks
Benjamin Okun
Benjamin S Young
Bennett L. Russell
Berl Garhme
Bernie Brennan
Bernie Mulvaney
Bert Singleton
Beth Davis
Beth Rossow
Bethany Jackson
Betty Raines
Bill Blackburn
Bill Fortner
Bill Newland
Bill Orchow
Bill Plonsky
Bill Tomlin
Bill Williams
Billie Christiansen
Blane van Pletzen-Rands
Bob Erwin
Bob Niemic
Bob Wrigley
Bobbie Thompson
Bobby Fairbanks
Bonnie Brown
Bonnie Potter
Bonnie Terry Warner
Brad Coath
Brad Crockett
Brad E Whipple
Brad Lamoreaux
Brad Sites
Brad Spencer
Bradford Allen
Brady Gamble
Brady Williams
Branden Jackson
Brandi L. Bradshaw
Brandon Curtis Tatton
Brandon D. Brown
Brandon Lindley
Brandon M. Richardson
Brandon Myers
Brandon Rogers
Brandy Cook
Brannon Murphy
Breanna Christlieb
Breena Bartholomae
Brenda L Harris
Brenna Eaton Degano
Brent Allsop
Brent Blackburn
Brent Corrigan
Brent Eliason
Brent Fisher
Brent Hill
Brent Ireland
Brent Johnson
Brent V. Marrott
Bret Evans
Brett Bair
Brett Bair
Brett Bair
Brett Barrett
Brett Bradshaw
Brett Briggs
Brian A. Hartvigsen
Brian Carlsen
Brian Churm
Brian D. Beckstead
Brian G. Benington
Brian J. Barrett-Marugg
Brian Jones
Brian K Martin
Brian M. Gardner
Brian Patrick Young
Brian Schupbach
Brian Shimamoto
Brian Thomson
Brian W Lindsey
Brian Walker
Brian Weston
Brianne Hodson
Bridgett Hall
Brody MacDonald
Brooke Brian
Bruce A Newman
Bruce Walter
Bryan Bekkemellom
Bryan Huddleston
Bryan J. Baker
Bryan Wildman
Bryce Alexander Turner
Brynn Foerster
Buckley Jeppson
Caleb Patrick Barker
Calleen Adams
Callie Spencer
Calvin Alserda
Cameo Garrick
Cameron K. Wilson
Cameron Morgan
Cami Perkes
Cammy Fuller
Candice Halverson
Candy Czernicki
Cara Lamb
Cara Ross
Carey Pickens
Carl Hollamby
Carl John Martin
Carl McGrath
Carla Cook
Carlo Moreno-Thompson
Carlyle Potter
Carol Holmes
Carol J. Patrie, PhD
Carol Oldham
Carol Thalman
Carol Wilson
Carole P. Miller
Carole Scaquetti
Caroline Steele
Carolyn Ball
Carolyn Bell
Carolyn Bentley
Carolyn Turkams
Carrie Farmer
Carrie Marshall
Carrie Mills
Carrie Peterson
Cassandra Parker
Cassandra Sampson
Catherine Diana Metzenbaum
Catherine J. Smith
Cathleen Nelson
Cathy Martinez
Cathy Muster Richardson
Catie Weaver
Cecilia Pinheiro
Chad A. Nielson
Chad Briggs
Chad C. Spjut
Chad Hardy
Chad Israelson
Chad Petersen
Chad R. Hyatt
Chad Ross
Charles Grisier
Charles L. Yeaman
Charles Milne
Charles P ORourke
Charles R. Singer
Charles Wm Wells
Charles Wrather
Charlie Andrew Bearden
Charlie Fitzgearld
Charlotte Painter
Chelsey DeLaMare
Cherish Maw
Cheryl Altman
Cheryl Carpenter Bybee
Cheryl Fuller
Cheryl Hatch
Cheryl Meckley
Cheryl Nunn
Cheryl Youngblood
Chi-En Lee
Chip Caughman
Chloe A. Ruebeck
Chris Berger
Chris Cutting
Chris Dabb
Chris DiMaio
Chris Gearheart
Chris Hilliard
Chris Hough
Chris Mecham
Chris Millsap
Chris Sonderegger
Chris Steed
Chris Taylor
Chris Webber
Christian Anderson
Christian B. Bowers
Christian F. Horrocks
Christian Fonnerbeck
Christina Gayler
Christina Parkinson Brown
Christine Burke
Christine Dabb
Christine Leader
Christine Russell
Christine Talbot
Christopher Brock
Christopher Flournoy
Christopher Hansen
Christopher Wolters
christy russell
Chuck Anziulewicz
Chuck Kubick
Chuck Lineberg J.R
Cindee Mudrow
Cindy Anderson
Cindy Beck
Cindy Le Fevre
Cindy Powell
CK. Petersen
Clair Koetitz
Claire McDonell
Claire Nielson
Clark Johnsen
Clark Tucker
Claudia Cruz
Clayton Painter
Clayton Walker
Cleo Jones
Clifford Christian Mecham
Clifford M Dubery
Clifford Weaver
Clifton Lamont Roby
Clyde Larsen
Clyde M Priest III
Cody Allen Weaver
Cody Cook
Cody Ellison
Cody Matthews
Colbie Beck
Cole Crittenden
Cole Wilkes
Colin Parker
Colleen M. Haddow
Connell O’Donovan
Connie Friend
Connie King
Conrad Brown
Conrad L. Mascarenas
Corey Killion
Cori R.
Cori Redstone
Corine Thompson
Cortney Nelson
Cory A. Thorell
Cory Blackman
Craig Call
Craig Hanson
Craig McIntire
Craig Murdock
Craig Otterstrom
Craig Peay
Craig Persiko
Craig Roberts
Craig S.
Craig Watts
Creig Nielson
Cressa Perloff
Cris Elkins
Cris F. Elkins
Cristina Gonzalez
Crystal K.
Curt R Woller, Jr.
Curtis Atkisson
Curtis Russell
Curtis Whiting
Cynthia Hinckley
Cynthia Lee Ligon
Cynthia Patterson
Dale Barton
Dale English
Dallin Allred
Dallin Baxter
Damieen Stanford
Dan Conley
Dan Gallagher
Dan Hansen
Dan Leavitt
Dan Melvin
Dan Rodriguez
Dan Stoddard
Dana Bischof
Dana Ray Taylor
Danae Brooke Conley
Dane Cookson
Dani Cailin DeBone
Daniel G. Thatcher
Daniel Jensen
Daniel Masterson
Daniel Masterson
Daniel McVey
Daniel N. Smith
Daniel O’Leary
Daniel Petraglia
Daniel Smith
Daniel Tharp
Daniel Thorn
Daniel V.Jones
Danielle Newcomb
Danny Croft
Daren Watts-James
Darin Adams
Darin Beck
Darin Osborne
Darin Scruggs
Darlene Pearl
Darrell Burt Wanlass
Darrin Jensen
Dave Crary
Dave Heavrin-Brown
Dave Lewis
Dave McGrath
Dave Myers
Dave Pettingill
David Alan Hill
David Anthes
David B. Baker
David Barnett
David Bautista
David Bishop
David Booth
David C. Powell
David Carl Haymond
David Crockett Lowrey Greer
David Frazier
David Gee
David Gollings
David Gould
David Henley
David Hoen
David Holden
David Houston
David I. Jenkins
David J. Barnes
David Jenkins
David Jones
David Kimble
David Lee Beebe
David Majeroni
David Malmstrom
David Marley
David Michael Wakefield
David Mohs
David P Hansen
David R. Moody
David Taylor
David van der Leek
David W. Baker
David W. Melson
David Zee
Dawn Marie Duran
Dawn Nunn
Dawnette Cohen
Dayanna Varney
Daymion Badeau
Dean Chiasson
Dean Genth
Dean Hansen-Tarbox
Dean Snelling
DeAnn Morris
Deanna L Thompson
DeAnna Worthington
Debbie Beckstead
Debbie Thompson
Deborah L. Sword
Deborah Thorpe
Deborah Wood
Debra Green
Debra Thornton
Dee Ann Askerlund
Deirdre Calhoun
Denice Turner
Denise Block
Dennis Borg
Dennis Deshaies
Dennis Goldsberry
Dennis M. Goldsberry
Dennis Shaull
Dereck Gibson
Derek Bell
Derek E. Foreman
Derek Gonzales
Derek Morris
Derek Snarr
Derek Wolf
Derick W. Black
Derrick Davis
Derrick Parra
Desire Shannon
Devon C Seeley
Diana Evans
Diana Nielsen
Diana W.
Diane L. Porter
Diane Pizza
Dick Schwermin
Dieter Michaels
Dirk Kris Rudi Knaeps
Dixie Crary
Dominic Cerra
Dominick Isaacson
Dominique Storni
Don Keebles
Don Payne
Don Sanders
Donald Frost
Donald Isenman
Donna J Larkin
Donna J. Nagel
Doug Goodman
Doug Heavrin-Brown
Doug Hoover
Doug Lawrence
Doug R.
Doug Schwartz
Doug Ward
Douglas A. Woodall
Douglas Bowen
Douglas Dickson
Douglas McClure
Dr. Lee Lipp
Dr. Timothy G. Smith
Drew McCord
Drew Payne
Duane Carter
Duane Jennings
Dustin Johnson
Duwayne Anderson
Dwight Cook
E. Ivar Husa
Earle Jay Goodman
Eddie Alonso
Eileen Casey
Eileen G. Martinez
Elaine Quon
Eliahu Goodman
Elisabeth Derricott
Elisabeth Mulroy
Elizabeth Casswell
Elizabeth Crook
Elizabeth Elenes
Elizabeth Hebert
Elizabeth Sanders-Funk
Elizabeth Vallano
Elizabeth Vogelsong
Elizabeth Wilson
Elizabeth Young
Elray Henriksen
Emile Castanchoa
Emily Andrews
Emily Haslem
Emily Ovard
Emily Pearson
Emily Potter
Emmy Klint
Enricy Adams
Eric E. Taylor
Eric Heikell
Eric Holley
Eric Hutchinson
Eric J. Harris, Esq.
Eric Keller
Eric Kiltz
Eric Laufenberg
Eric M. Armstrong
Eric Matthew Davis
Eric N. Davis
Eric Nelson
Eric P Hancock
Eric Paul LaRue
Eric R Kugler
Eric Richard Zierse
Eric Rived
Eric Villatoro
Eric Wilson
Eric Winters
Eric Wolvovsky
Erica Lloyd
Erica Spelman
Erik Jensen
Erika Henderson
Erika Johnson
Erika V. Carlson
Erin A. McNeal
Erin Dirkmaat
Erin E. Pratt
Erin Hiatt
Erin L. McMillan
Erin McBride
Erin R Johnston
Ernest C. Gerke
Ernest Horstmanshoff
Ernie Shafer
Esther Dale
Ethan Lloyd
Eunice McMurray
Faber Castelli
Fernando A. Pardo
Florence Miraglia
Floyd Flack
Franc deWeeger
Frank Bruno
Frank Carr
Frank Lee Scarlet
Frank Zsolt Boi
Franklin Meade
Fred Bowers
Fred Hunting
Fred Schein
Gabrielle N. Follett
Gail F. Bartholomew
Gail Groves
Gail Jay
Gail Knickerbocker
Gardner Gee
Garen Thatcher
Garin L. Lee
Garrett Roseberry
Gary Case
Gary Horlacher
Gary Konecky
Gary R. Jones
Gary Swenson
Gary Watts
Gary Wilson
Gay Page
Gayle Engh
Gene Smith
Genelle Cate
Geoff Partain
George Hoye
George Meneses
George Pingree
George Windes
Gerald Fitzpatrick
Gina Latner
Gina Ryan
Ginny King
Glen Lambert
Glenda Hutchins
Glenda Williams
Glenn Anzalone
Glenn Gordon Stoneking-Jones
Glenn Konze
Gloria Manning-Smee
Gordon Coleman

Gordon Eddington
Grahame Wheatley
Greg Hale
Greg Kitrelle
Greg Maeser
Greg Reiche
Greg Schvaneveldt
Gregory C. Cotten
Gregory M. Coltrin
Gregory Rivera
Gretchen Wiltbank
Guy Berryessa
Guy Colwell
Guy Hippisley
Guy Thomas
H. Rachelle Graham
Hal LaPray
Haley B. Jones
Hanford W. Searl Jr.
Hannah May Christian
Harden Ford
Harlie J Hoke
Harold W. Eaton, Jr.
Harrison D. Archibald
Harry A. Turner
Harry Cross, Jr
Harvey L. Tilden
Hayden K. Llewllyn
Heather Crespin
Heather Lynn Johnson
Heather McNally
Heather Nunn
Heather Olsen Heaps
Heather Walker
Heidi Patterson
Heidi Ryan
Heidi VanOostendorp
Hellmut Lotz
Henry M. Beaton
Henry Thunsrent
Hernan Lobodzinski
Hilda Palazzolo
Hillary Hunt
Holly Nelson
Holly Welker
Hope E. Pechin-Lukens
Howard Miller
Hudson Marr
Ian Boswell
Irene Jarvis
Irene M. Bates
Isaac Dane Furniss
Isiah Sargent
Israel Ehrisman
J David Crawford
J Seth Anderson
J. Andrew Stevens
J. Daniel Geddis
J. Frederick Pingree
J. Graviet
J. Lindstrom
J. Michael Moncus
J. Randall Shirley
J. Rigby Patterson
J. Samuel Gulbrandsen
J.R. Dushku
J.R. Lyter
Jace Bastian
Jack Amoureux
Jack B,.Everett
Jack Miller
Jack Robert Weber II
Jackie Howa
Jacob Berge
Jacob Haeberle
Jacob Hanson
Jacob L. Edmondson
Jacob Whipple
Jacqueline Alulema
Jacques Oosthuizen
Jaime Lopez
Jaimee Kidder
Jaimes Taylor
Jake Orlando
Jake Warr
James A Clark Jr
James B Hanson
James Baldwin
James Bradley Montgomery
James Bryan O’Neil
James C. Wilson
James Conrad
James Couture
James D. Peterson
James E. Crooks
James Hayden
James Hicks
James Langford
James M. Brown
James McSill
James Michael Reid
James Montgomery
James O. Reagan Jr.
James O. Wolfe
James Orlando
James Pagan
James Reed
James Stowe
James T. Judd
James W Larkin
James W Wells
James-Henry Holland
Jamie Babbitt
Jan Heyrend
Jan McCreery
Jan Satterfield
Jane Bennett
Jane Bobet
Jane Wishon
Janeen Thompson
Janell Firth
Janette Fitzgearld
Janice Gee
Janice L. Smith
Janice Lewis
Janiece Pompa
Janine McKinley
Jared A. Johnson
Jared Christopher
Jared Lisonbee
Jared Nicholson
Jared White
Jason Baker
Jason C Jones
Jason D. Butler
Jason Dimick
Jason Echols
Jason Farr
Jason G Miles
Jason Girot
Jason K. Walker
Jason Lew
Jason Lyon
Jason Martin
Jason Tann
Jason Weekes
Jay Linderman
Jay Martin
Jay Sheen
Jay Winger
Jayme M. Nielson
Jaymes Freund
Jaymes P. Myers
Jaymie Taylor
Jayne L. Wolfe, Ph.D.
Jayne Lowe
Jean Bodie
Jean Bodie
Jean Finney Smith
Jean Sward
Jeanene Vomocil
Jeanie Hildebrand
Jeanne Jusevic
Jeanne L. Pifer
Jeb Morris
Jed R. Martin
Jeff B Black
Jeff Carter
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Ricks
Jeff Stay
Jeff Thalman
Jeffery Larsen
Jeffrey A. Anderson
Jeffrey Alan Coté
Jeffrey C. Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Root
Jeffrey Gillman
Jeffrey Greg Atwood
Jeffrey Lewis
Jen Berney
Jen Fannen
Jen Moffat
Jenelle Wilcox
Jenifer Sprague
Jenise Rodriguez
Jenna Cordeiro
Jenna Duff
Jennette Yates
Jennifer Ann Frasier
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Fannen
Jennifer Hall
Jennifer Hoggan
Jennifer Lawver
Jennifer LeAnne Jones
Jennifer Leigh Kennedy
Jennifer M. Watts
Jennifer N. Corke
Jennifer Peterson
Jenny Miner
Jenny Miner
Jeremiah L. Johnson
Jeremy Atwood
Jeremy Bachelor
Jeremy D. Savage
Jeremy Dolan
Jeremy Eskelsen
Jeremy Irvin
Jeremy Williams
Jeremy Wood
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Jerry Lowe
Jerry Probst
Jerry Sawyer
Jerry W. Zachary
Jess Kershaw
Jess Neudauer
Jessica Gilmore
Jessica J. West
Jessica Lucero
Jessica Pearl Evans
Jill Neal
Jill Rosen
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Jillian Knutson
Jillian L Snuggs
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Jim Reynolds
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Jinkins Murphy
Jinna Lee
Joan Taylor
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Joanne Horn
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Jodie Haycock
Jody Payne
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Joe Charbonneau
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Joe Maddock
Joe Meyer
Joe Moon
Joe P. Moore III
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Joel Evans
Joel Hales
Joel L Bellagio
Joel P. Ramon
John Aaron Schmiz
John Anderson
John Bjerregaard
John Caffrey
John Colaizzi
John Davis
John Dwan
John E. Baker, III
John Eric Thomas
John Geiger
John Greenfield
John Hansen-Tarbox
John L. Cooper
John Larsen
John Lewis
John Lorz
John Morris
John N. Hall
John P. Minagro
John Pointer
John R Laker Jr.
John Rosenbaum
John Ryder
John Scanlon
John Scherer
John Theotonio
John Visser
John W. Holleman
John W. Peters
John Wolfe
John Wright
Johnathan Stout
John-Michael Flattery
Jon A. Andrus Jr
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Jon Fawson
Jon Hennington
Jon Williams
Jonathan Hill
Jonathan Holm
Jonathan Jensen
Jonathan Miles
Jonathan Wainwright
Jonathan Walton Sizemore
Jonathon D. Quam
Joni Nadauld
Jon-paul Leddy
Jordan Christopher
Jordan Eberly
Jordan Mercer
Jordan Merrill Hackworth
Jose G. Lucci
Jose Lara
Joseph Barefoot
Joseph Bateman
Joseph Downing
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Joseph Otterstrom
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Joseph Shane Smart
Joseph West
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Josh Pendergrass
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Josh Steffen
Joshua Baird
Joshua Brent Matthews
Joshua Brinkerhoff
Joshua De Horta
Joshua M. Henderson
Joshua Morrow
Joshua Turner
Joshua Vel
Joshua Wolfe
Joy Rich
Joy Rossi
Joy Taintslee
Joyce Johnston
Juan M. Diaz
Juana Nailer
Juan-Carlos Galan
Judith Hansen
Judy Giganti
Julene Hunt
Julia Alice Fontaine
Julia Carter
Julia Seamon
Julia Steinhauer
Julian Atkins
Julian Banales
Julian C. Hicks
Julian Keippel
Julie Anne Wells
Julie Deveraux
Julie Hammon
Julie L. Taggart
Julie M. Nelson
Julie Mamales
Julien Winandy
Junior Vasquez
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Justin Gilmore
Justin Hamilton
Justin Jensen
Justin Jong
Justin Rosendahl
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Justine L. Frank
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Kade Clark
Kahlan P. Sword
Kaleb James
Kaleo Kalani Kaluhiwa
Kami Day, Ph.D
Kanaiah Rebecca Koutz
Kandy Richards
Karen E Bateman
Karen Jensen
Karen Lee
Karen Nielsen-Anson
Karen Rosenbaum
Karen S. Morgan
Karen Shaw
Karen Turner
Kari Williams
Karissa Barlow
Karl Jones
Karl L. Bateman
Karl Thalman
Karla Mackay
Karrie Sawyer
Karyl Butcher
Kassandra Cerveny
Kate Call
Kate Savage
Katharine Gates
Kathleen S Pearce
Kathleen Morse
Kathleen Phair Jones
Kathleen Trahan
Kathryn B. Garner
Kathryn Kent
Kathryn Littler-Fuller
Kathryn Steffensen
Kathy Godwin
Kathy Payne
Katie Monsen
Katie Weaver
Kay Fletcher
Kay Johns
Keith A. Brower
Keith Hyatte
Keith Russell
Keli Montgomery
Kelley Domzalski
Kelli Anne Busey
Kelli Busey
Kelli Gardner-Schrand
Kellie Henderson
Kelly Anderson
Kelly R. Crandell
Kelly Taber
Kelly Vore
Kelsey Gilmore
Ken Lindley
Ken McEntire
Ken Nevitt
Ken Salzman
Ken Taylor
Ken Underwood
Kendahl Millecam
Kenn Cook
Kennedy Byrd
Kenneth Shults Jr.
Kenneth Surber
Kenneth Talbot
Kent R Belliston
Kent Sanders
Kermit Eskelsen
Kermit Gordon
Kerrie Cobain
Kevin A. Moore
Kevin Gardner
Kevin L.Bakker
Kevin Lindsay
Kevin M. Kelly
Kevin Mark
Kevin Merrell
Kevin Moriarty
Kevin Rosenhan
Kevin W. Johnson
Kevin Wolfley
Kierra Poulos
Kiersten Pribble
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Kim Gale
Kim McCall
Kim Michaud
Kim Neuenswander
Kim Salazar
Kimball Sanders
Kimberly Dixon
Kimberly Guevara
Kip Gardner
Kirby Chey Martineau
Kirk A. Goodrich
Kirk Adams
Kirsty Loveridge
Kody Crary
Kris Cantil
Kris Fielding
Kris Hartung
Krista Austin
Kristen Greer
Kristen Olsen
Kristi M Olsen
Kristi Riggs
Kristin Keramidas
Kristina B.
Kristina Engh Roberts
Kristina Nielson
Kristine Hart
Kristy Benton
Kurt W. Debrouwer
Kurtis Marble
Kyle Grant
Kyle Hoyt
Kyle J. Steenblik
Kyle Schons
Kylee Fullmer
Kylie Schrader
L. Jill Schenewark
L. Mark Jones
Lacey Haddon
LaMarr Harding
Lance W. Jesperson
Landon Shumway
Landri R. Wauneka
Lane Jeffrey Wolfley
Lane Jepson
Larry D. Walker
Larry Foster
Larry Gates
Larry Lee
Larry M. Osterkamp
Laszlo Layton
Launi Casper
Laura A Berghoff
Laura Ackerman
Laura Adams
Laura Hanson
Laura Spencer
Laura Wolfe
Lauren Grimm
Lauren Neaves
Lauri Evans
Laurie Price
Laurie Streitman
Layne Hamilton
Leah Benedict
LeAnn D Hillam
Leanne Webster
Lee Burningham
Lee Chaplin
Lee Christiansen
Lee K Bateman
Lee Oldham
Leland Chan
Leland P. Morrill
Lelia Lingenfelter
Leon D Berg
Leonard A. Cowan
Leonard Gabryelski
Les Gripkey
Les WInter
Lesa K. Ellis, Ph.D.
Lesley Patterson
Lester Kau
Lester Leavitt
Lewis Vaughn
Liam Sauer-Wooden
Liberty Yates
Lillian Patterson
Lincoln Cannon
Linda Blake
Linda Jones Gibbs
Linda Martin
Linda Schweidel
Linda Stay
Linda White
Lindsay Pearce
Lindsay Sheppard
Lindsay Wodehouse
Lindsey Murray Evje
Lisa A. Olsen
Lisa Ann Perry
Lisa Beaudry
Lisa Broadhead
Lisa Fahey
Lisa Hyde
Lisa M. Russell
Lisa Perry
Lisa Smith
Lisa Snyder
Lisa Stay
Lisa Tedesco
Lisa Todd
Lisa Van Valkenburg
Lloyd Vance
Logan Miller
Lois Schneider
Lon Morgan
Loni Unsicker
Lonnie Dean
Loralei Matisse
Loralie Kay
Loren Fay
Loren J. Young
Lori Bradfield
Lori Sawyer Jenson
Lorian Dunlop
Loring Fiske-Phillips
Lorne Prupas
Lorraine Esturas
Lorraine Hough
Lou Delucia
Louis McCreery
Louis Russ
Louise Mackie
Luca Diana
Lucas Isenburg-Jones
Luciano Araujo
Lucy Cole
Luigi Dujmonic
Luis Belicena
Luke Burton
Lyle Pedersen
Lyman Frandsen
Lynda Lee
Lynda Roskelley
Lyndon Marquez
Lynie Wright
Lynn Blackburn
Lynn Moss
Lynn Rowley-Andersen
Lynne Hansen
Lynne Stark
M. Angela O Liévano
M. Scott Evans
Maarie Isaacson
Mac Nielsen
Mack Brown
Mackenzie Moon
Malcolm Rasmussen
Mandalyn Gulbrandsen
Mandy Memmott-Carey
Mandy Nelson
Manuel Solouk
Marc Haddon
Marc Luettchau
Marc Potter
Marc Saccoman
Marc Turpin
Marc Wheeler
Marcello Jun de Oliveira
Marcelo Luzardo Garcia
Marcelo Zarate
Marci Peterson
Marcia Wilson
Marcus Hamblin
Marcus Swift
Maren Christenson
Margaret Kelly
Margie Brum
Marguerite Morris
Mari Lowder
Maria Tello
Marianne Berrett
Marianne Lambert
Marie Brian
Marilyn Call Johnson
Marilyn Johnson
Marilyn Vogler
Mario Murphy
Marjanne Pearson
Mark A. Allyn
Mark Alan English
Mark Andersen
Mark Athens Naugle
Mark Bigler
Mark Bradley
Mark Cochran
Mark D Jensen
Mark Ellis
Mark F. Merkley
Mark F. Nelson
Mark Hillam
Mark Keith Setser
Mark L Huffaker
Mark Mills
Mark Moore
Mark R. Phelps
Mark Schmieding
Mark Shonson
Mark Sweeney
Mark Vincent
Mark Zenger
Mark Zigweid
Marko Markov
Marsha Heaton
Marsha Nielson
Marshall Seal
Marshall Thompson
Marshall Wilson
Martha J. Amundsen
Martha Mundt
Martin Cole
Martin Henrick
Martin Rock
Martin Vaca
Martn Evans
Mary Catton Newman
Mary Danzig
Mary DeWall
Mary Ellen Greenwood
Mary L. Bradford
Mary Lousise McCreery
Mary Vaughan
Mary Wenner
MaryCatherine Latta
Mathew Cowan
Matt Beatty
Matt Dixon
Matt Frederiksen
Matt Marriott
Mattew W. Gary
Matthew Austin Smith
Matthew Bradley
Matthew D. Aiken
Matthew G. Myers
Matthew Goodman
Matthew Harris-Shears
Matthew J. Frentheway
Matthew J. Leishman
Matthew Jarvis
Matthew Mandros
Matthew R. Goldrup
Matthew Rogina, Jr.
Matthew Sholar
Matthew Shyka
Matthew Vinson
Maureen Witmer
Max Green
Maxim Grear
Maxine W. Campbell
Medea Snyder
Megan Call
Megan Mullineaux
Megan Weidle
Megan Wrona
Megumi Mott
Melinda Sue Wallace
MeLissa Bennett
Melissa Bowman
Melissa Conners
Melissa Davis
Melissa K. Smith
Melissa Sessions
Melissa W.
Melody Johns
Merrie Campbell-Lee
Michael Andersen
Michael Burdick
Michael C. Jorgensen
Michael Carpenter
Michael D. McEwan
Michael Deninger, M.D.
Michael Fantauzzo
Michael G. Nelson
Michael Hatfill
Michael Heber Anderson
Michael J Miller
Michael J. Duncan
Michael J. Miragliotta
Michael Jensen
Michael Jorgensen
Michael King
Michael L. Fisher
Michael Lee
Michael Moreau
Michael Nielsen
Michael O’Brien
Michael O’Rourke
Michael Palmer
Michael Piccolo
Michael R. Pearce
Michael R. Shaw
Michael Reynolds
Michael Shane Perry
Michael Stepanich
Michael Stevens, MD
Michael T. Branstiter
Michael T. James
Michael Terrill
Michael Todd Deschamps
Michael Triggs
Michael Turner
Michael Upton
Michael Van Orden
Michael W. Willis
Michael Williamson DDS
Michele Shigoka
Michelle Anselm
Michelle B. Slaughter
Michelle Fox
Michelle Gentry
Michelle Gurr
Michelle Henich
Michelle Hibbert
Michelle McEntire
Michelle Nash
Michelle Newman
Michelle Rowan
Michelle Watts
Michelle Woods
Mikael W. Guthrie
Mikala Saccoman
Mike Awkswolun
Mike Bailey
Mike Frahm
Mike Gale
Mike Hunt
Mike Karren
Mike Oxbrown
Mike Oxlong
Mike Pearce
Mike Sayre
Mike Shores
Mike Smith
Mikell Kober
Mikelle Despain
Millie Watts
Mindi Ritzman
Mindy Levesque
Minnie Taylor
Misty Gaubatz
Mitchell A. Chuich
Molly Gras-Usry
Monica Bielanko
Monica Bielanko
Morgan Erickson
Morgan Goates
Morgan Scalley
Morgan Walker
Mrs Favienne Kone
Murry Bubar
Myron Molzen
Nadine Hansen
Nancy Askerlund
Nancy Barnes
Nancy Challed
Nancy Minor
Nancy Taylor
Nanette Hakanson
Natalie Alulema
Natalie H. Kelly
Natalie Paremski
Natalie Sadler
Nate Fitzgearld
Nate Housley
Nateijie Hamilton
Nathan C. Unsworth
Nathan E. Parry
Nathan Golden
Nathan Kirkpatrick
Nathan Oman
Nathan R Kennard
Nathan Syverson
Nathaniel Reagan
Nechelle Wimmer
Ned Givins
Neone Jones
Nicholas Grillo
Nicholas J. Grillo
Nicholas Tschaggeny
Nichole Johnston
Nicholus Chugg
Nick Gers
Nick Goodman
Nick Literski
Nick Robertson
Nick Smith
Nicklaus Callister
Nicolaas Ryan Piepenbrok
Nicole Dudevoir
Nicole Francis
Nicole Jonkman
Niels Plougmann
Nikira Hernandez
Nikita Mons
Noah G Price
Noal Robinson
Noelle M. Lewon
Nona Schlaughs
Norman E. Miller
Odette Desmarais
Oscar Ames
Oscar Laires
Paavo Allen
Pam Netter
Pamela Houston-Powell
Pamela Orlowicz
Parker Carr
Pat Gamble-Hovey
Patricia Brison
Patricia Milnamow
Patricia Parsons Ferguson
Patrick Deagen
Patrick Fenn
Patrick Fitzgerald
Patrick Palazzolo
Patrick R (Rick) Hancock
Patrick R. Curry
Patrick R. Getty
Patti Faith
Patty Davis
Paul Dunham
Paul Foster
Paul Geiger
Paul H Green
Paul Jefferson
Paul Johnson
Paul Langley
Paul R Lucero
Paul Rumsey
Paul Suiatan
Paul Swenson
Paul Swindler
Paul T. Lavoie
Paula Goodfellow
Pauline Banks
Peggy Hensen
Peggy L. Szymeczek
Peggy Lambert
Peggy Parson
Peha Chupa
Penelope Lopez
Perry Edwards
Perry L. Porter
Pete Alexander
Peter Brown
Peter Danzig
Peter E. Conover
Peter F. Jones
Peter Hong
Peter Klotz-Chamberlin
Peter L. Belew
Peter M. Howland
Peter McMurray
Peter Poindexter
Peter Poulsen
Peter Snyder
Peter Svensborn
Peter Van Derick
Petra Lee
Phillip Fujiyoshi
Phillip Guerrero
Preston Lingenfelter
Quentin Powell
Quinn Haws
R Nathan Askerlund
R. Castleton
R. F. Jenkins
Rabbi Diane Elliot
Rabbi Eli Cohen
Rabbi Howie Schneider
Rabbi Paula Marcus
Rachel Abel
Rachel Alvarez
Rachel Barnett
Rachel Castleman
Rachel McBeth
Rainey Campbell
Ralf Erdhuetter
Ralph E. Campbell
Ralph R. Sylvester
Rand Denny
Randall Chism
Randi J. Long
Randy Allen Smith
Randy Chrisman
Randy Eastmond
Randy Hapner
Randy Hensley
Randy Sundean
Ray Knapp
Raymond C. Roper
Rebecca Bellovich
Rebecca E. Campbell
Rebecca Fisher
Rebecca M. Allan
Rebecca McCullough
Rebecca Pinheiro
Rebecca Reedy
Rebecca Simmons
Redge Norton
Ree Phillips
Reichen Jones
Reid Hansen
Rem Melton
Renae Widdison
Renee Cutler
Rev. Deborah L. Johnson
Rev. Harold Vangorder
Rev. Shaun Burks
Rexford DeVoe
Ricardo Torres
Richard A. H. Matthews
Richard Barton
Richard Brown
Richard H. Ostler
Richard Johnson
Richard Julius
Richard Littledyke
Richard Morris
Richard Penwell
Richard Prescott
Richard R. Adams
Richard Redner
Richard Ross
Richard S. Naylor II
Richard Waite
Richard Ziegenfuss
Richelle Buschman
Rick Edwards
Rick Lindsay
Rick Nevitt-Lamantia
Rikard H Pearson
Riley Heiner
Riley Keith Carter
Riley Kyle
Riley Ridd Archibald
Riley Smith
Rita E. Barkre
Ro Rowan
Rob Lauer
Rob Lindsay
Robb Mills
Robb Steffensen
Robert “Bobby” Parker
Robert Bates
Robert Bell
Robert Cleveland
Robert Cope
Robert David Hammond
Robert Denos Wilcox
Robert Dickinson
Robert Erickson
Robert F Richendollar
Robert Gordon
Robert H. Powell
Robert Heikkila
Robert J. Miller
Robert Jay Colomb
Robert Martin
Robert Osborne
Robert Reeves
Robert Seger
Robert Shiveley
Robert Sikso
Robert Tischner
Robert Weiser
Robert Wilcox
Roberto Mateo
Robin Everritt
Robin Lee Johnson
Robyn Kessler
Rod Foster
Rod Johnson
Rod Kempton
Rod Rasmussen
Rodney H. Holland
Roger Crandy
Roger Fretwell
Roger Goerrich
Roger Mueller-Kim
Roger Wade Estey
Ron D. Ferguson
Ron Ferguson
Ron Frederickson
Ron Jarvis
Ron Johnson
Ron Knapp
Ron Yardley
Ronella Campbell
Rose Carrier
Rosine Oliver
Ross Bryan
Ross Hase
Ross R. Lopton
Roswell M. Rogers
Roxanne Sullivan
Roy “RC” Hinrichs Jr
Roy Green
Roz Chatt
Ruben Cajigas
Rupurt Whitaker
Russell Berkley
Russell Short
Ruth Ann Wardle
Ryan C. Gasparac
Ryan Carman
Ryan Ford
Ryan Hemingway
Ryan Holbrook
Ryan Hollist
Ryan Jeffrey Ring
Ryan L. Cox
Ryan Lee
Ryan Linford
Ryan Millecam
Ryan Scott
Ryan Shattuck
Ryan Stott
Sabrina Vincent
Sally Emery
Sally Neilson
Sam C. Cook
Sam Curley
Sam Freeman
Sam Noble
Sam Westfahl
Samantha Teodosiev
Samatar Ali
Sammy McSweeney
Samuel Jensen
Samuel L. Pooler, J.D.
Samuel Scarborough
Sandi Reynolds
Sandra Myer
Sandra Thorne-Brown
Sandy Ceppos
Sandy Crain Anderson
Sandy O.
Santiago Laz Aparicio
Sara E Allen
Sara Maria Brockunier
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Bedal-Brown
Sarah Bradshaw
Sarah Brannen
Sarah Grace Wilson
Sarah Hansen
Sarah Harward
Sarah Katherine Gross
Sarah Nicholson
Sarah Stringfellow
Sarah Walton
Sarianne Meline
Scott Allen Wardle
Scott Bishop
Scott Blackburn
Scott Blackburn
Scott Blackburn
Scott Chance
Scott G. Ruppert
Scott J. Marshall
Scott M. Hall
Scott O’Brien
Scott Rohlf
Scott Ryan
Scott Treanor
Scott van Pletzen-Rands
Scott West
Scott Wilbanks
Scott Wilburn
Sean Atkisson
Sean Cullen
Sean Houchins
Sean McCumber
Senga Campbell
Serafina Sands
Serena Freewomyn
Seth Anicich
Seth Knight
Seth M Carwyn
Seth Redford
Shalissa Hamilton
Shane Chariton
Shane Esarik
Shane Greenburg
Shane Hill
Shane Jackson
Shane P. Smith
Shane Poletti
Shane Smart
Shanntel Millett
Shanon Gripkey
Shari Bennett
Sharilynn Larsen
Sharon Jensen
Sharon Peters
Shauna G Heaton
Shauna Vandertoolen
Shawn Clark
Shawn Edwin Johnson
Shawn Koester
Shawnda Flitton
Shay Voorhees
Shaylee Kathleen Bailey
Shayne Hamilton
Sheena Morton
Sheldon Shaw
Shellee Jensen
Shelly Jenson
Shelly Steele
Sheri Lynne Lawson
Sheri McCardell
Sheri Wilde
Shirley Nelson
Shirley Zumberman
Shontay Cook
Sian Robertson
Silvio Silva
Siobhan Dolan
Sircy Maggio
Skyler Quanstrom
Sonia Juarez
Sonny Feldman
Spencer D. Packer
Spencer Goss
Spencer Jones
Spencer Stout
Spencer W. Rogers
Spencer Wright
Stacey Harris
Stacey L. Bartholomew
Stacy K. Davis
Stefany Tyler
Steffan Freshwater
Stephanie Hoefer
Stephanie Hoover
Stephanie Kelly
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Vinson
Stephen B Charlesworth
Stephen C. Zollman, Esq.
Stephen Cohen
Stephen D. Locke
Stephen Fairclough
Stephen Fonnesbeck
Stephen Lavoie
Stephen MacRae
Stephen Otterstrom
Stephen Peck
Stephen Stark
Sterling D. Young
Steve Berry
Steve Carman
Steve Ellingson
Steve Goinsberg
Steve Jennette
Steve Jones
Steve Krotz
Steve Larsen
Steve Loeser
Steve Maihack
Steve Perkins
Steve Scheitky
Steve T.
Steve Vierk
Steve Zink
Steven Barton
Steven Clark
Steven Clark
Steven Dunn
Steven Fehr
Steven Gaskill
Steven Gomez
Steven Hamblin Lee
Steven Kinross
Steven L. Richardson
Steven Phelps
Steven R. Borg
Steven R. Fisher
Steven Schafer
Steven Sinfield
Steven Stanley
Steven Taylor
Steven Vigil
Steven W Stay
Steven Woodall
Stevie Lybbert
Stuart Gaffney
Stuart Merrill
Sue Cannon
Sue Morrow, Ph.D.
Summer D. Smith
Susan Borg
Susan J. Easton
Susan Johnston
Susan L. Andersen
Susan R Lavoie
Suzanne Balderston
Suzanne Keenan
Sylvia Denning
T. Spyere-Spackman
T.K. Gall
T.T. Burrow
Tad Crandall
Tamara Blackwell
Tamara Tyler
Tamera Johnson
Tami Faith
Tami Lara
Tami Morgan
TaNiesha Hamilton
Tanya Platt
Tanya Platt
Tara Timpson
Tara Vaughan
Tauna Ireland
Tavia M. Saenz
Taylor Linnell
Taylor Stokes
Tchad Sanger
Ted Eaton
Teresa M. Thompson
Teri Fox
Teri Niccoli
Terrance Kelly
Terri Goates
Terry A. Gillman
Terry Colburn
Terry Knight
Terry Lucherini
Terry Martin
Terry Tempest Williams
Tesa James
Tessa Triolo
Theresa La Giusa
Thomas Johnson
Thomas L Goldman
Thomas Michael Paine
Thomas O. Mooney
Thomas R. Thompson
Thomas Rooth
Thomas S.Mace
Thomas Skayhan
Thoral Wardle
Tiffani Baker
Tiffani T.
Tiffany Lewis
Tiffny Kaleta
Tim Weymann
Tim Wollaston
Timothy E. Marsh
Timothy Heaton
Timothy Moore
Todd Bowman
Todd Killinger
Todd Raymond Randall
Todd Roper
Todd Royce Gubler
Todd Swensen
Todd W. Kinsey
Tom Graves
Tom Larence
Tom Parker
Tom Wall
Tom Youngren
Tommy Hutchings
Toni Carman
Toni Carrell
Toni Palmer
Toni Scott
Toni Williams
Tony Gale
Tony Vermillion
Tony Woodbury
Tonya Baiz
Tonya Hill
Tonya Knapp
Torrey Wang
Trace Downey
Tracie J Morrison
Tracy Fong
Tracy M. Krumpen
Trevor Fish
Trisha Wrigley
Trisha Zimmerman
Tristan Call
Troy G Mitchell
Troy S.
Tucker L Holmes
Tuesday Allred
Turner C. Bitton
Tyana Rees
Tyler Barrick
Tyler Chesley
Tyler Davis
Tyler Hunsaker
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Morgan
Tyler Nelson
Tyler R. Gardner
Tyler Rogers
Tyrel Trainor
Tyson Carbaugh-Mason
Tyson Perna
Tyson Smith
Ursula Sindlinger
V. Brown
Valerie Pierce
Valerie Ruseler
Van A. Boughner
Vance Trancygier
Vard McGuire
Veann Hayes
Vicki A. Robison
Vicki Lyn Brya
Vicki Robison
Vicki Sears
Vickie Lujan
Victor A. Flores
Vikkie Smith
Vincent Martinez
Violeta Stoykova
Virginia (Ginger) Purvis
Vladimir Sly
Walt Eddy
Warren Alderson
Warren Brown
Wayne Herrick
Wayne King
Wayne Williams II
Wendy Ambrose
Wendy Clements
Wendy Garcia
Wendy Horlacher
Wendy L. Dunn
Wendy Reynolds
Wendy Thordsen
Wendy Woodbury
Weston Christensen
Whitney Bushman
Wiliam McGuinness
Will Byrd
Will Doherty
Will Kidman
Will McGarvey
Will Norris
William Bush
William Deegan
William French
William J. Cummins
William Jeppson
William K. Lewis II
William Lowder
William Matthew Richmond
William Matthew Richmond
William N. Ridgeway
William Norvell
William R. Stanley
William Richmond
William Rodriquez
William S. Lunt
William S. Roberts
William T. Barker Ed.D.
William Todd Park
William Velazquez
Willie Carver
Willie Reed
Willy Marshall
Wilson Tou
Wolfie Trausch
Wren Francis
Xochitl Gonzalez
Zach Zaluski
Zachary Larson
Zachary Rasmussen
Zack Barnes
Zackary Down
Zackary Hansen
Zad (Matt Ferolie)
Zan Burningham


Holiday Emotional First Aid Kit

Holiday Emotional First Aid Kit

It’s that time of year again. Pack up your patio furniture and pool toys and make room for turkeys and […]

Abuse Defined

Abuse Defined

  For those of us raised in Mormon homes, many of us women maybe even some men believed that unless […]

LDSApology Broadening its Focus

Originally founded in 2009 to support the LGBT community, is broadening its focus to include other forms of abuse that […]

Reporting Child Abuse

 ”Every adult in this story failed the child because they didn’t go to police. Rather, they went to their church.”—Marci Hamilton “As […]