Facing East, The Movie

"I'll tell you why your son died. He believed in your church more than he believed in himself!"

Utah has the country's highest suicide rate for males between the ages of 14 and 25. That grim statistic is given a name and a troubled family in Carol Lynn Pearson's impassioned play "Facing East."

We are all so close to this issue. We’ve all been tormented as we’ve watched good people struggle and families torn apart. We’ve all seen how religious families with gay children (or husbands, wives, fathers, or mothers) struggle along a trail that has few reliable markers. The unique thing about the story of Facing East, is that it provides those markers, without condemning or degrading. Though about religious people, it is not a religious film, and has found support from both the LDS as well as LGBT community. Facing East has the potential to be a bridge between two very different communities.


Facing East is directed by Tony nominated Broadway actor (HairPriscilla: Queen of the Desert), and independent film director (Sons of Provo) Will Swenson. Will’s personal biography as a Utah raised former Mormon and effective gay rights activist make him the perfect voice for this delicate subject. Will and his wife, Audra McDonald, were recently honored by PFLAG for their efforts to promote marriage equality with the 2012 Straight for Equality in Entertainment Award.

Guinevere Turner (Go Fish, American Psycho, The Notorious Bettie Page), one of the most prominent voices in LGBT cinema, has adapted Carol Lynn’s stage play into a wonderful screenplay.

With this extraordinary team in place, we are now prepared to shoot Facing East in late 2013. While most of our funding is in place through equity investment, it will not be available until our preproduction period in Fall 2013. We need a bit extra to bring us to that point, so we are turning to you. The amount we are raising now is to fund some script rewrites, continue casting, pay for some legal and accounting necessities, and prep for production.

Are you excited by character driven, independent cinema? Do long for a day when no one will feel that suicide is their only escape? Please support this amazing, important project. Please CLICK HERE


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