Why We Share Our Stories

“In bearing witness to the suffering of others, we begin to transcend our own.”—Marianne Williamson says about those that listen to or read the experiences of those that have struggled with hardships.

We have found that healing often comes not only to ourselves, but to others through the writing and sharing of our experiences. We realize we are not alone in facing many of the same obstacles, but may just experience a different location, script and cast of characters.

Writers often tell of a basic human need to tell a story, they even use words like “primal,” “fundamental,” “necessary” in describing their feelings about the process and act of writing.

National Book Award winner Colum McCann says “”What is therapy but a form of storytelling?”

We welcome you to share your experiences here to document your experience and for the benefit of others. There are no critics with high literary standards for perfection here! No editor required or editing is done to your story. We have found that often the most elementary writing, or those who write in second languages, even those that break most English grammar rules or misspelled tell the most heartfelt and inspiring of stories.

We invite you to share your experiences of abuse, healing, surviving and thriving here.

Do you have a story about yourself or someone else to share? You may do so anonymously. Since we are not out to harm others, or able to defend ourselves for defamation in libel suits we ask that you not give accurate names to any wrong doers but substitute fictional names for real ones.

When you have completed your story please submit it here. Once each month we will be adding new stories to our site.

We would like to know where you are from, city, state, country and what your current status is– non member of the LDS Church, member of the Church, former member, active, inactive, etc. (Even if you post anonymously.)

Your contribution is important and will deeply be appreciated. Please click on this link below:



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