Since 2009 we have had over 3,000 people contact us and express their support of our organization in many ways. Our community consists of families, singles, married couples, straight, gay, professionals. Some of us are parents of children or we have ourselves been sexually abused by leaders or members of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some of us parents of or members of the LDS and LGBT communities.

While we would not consider ourselves in way anti Mormon and while we do not sympathize with anti Mormon groups, we all agree there is much need for increased awareness, sensitivity and change in Mormon leadership practices today to help eliminate sexual abuse cover ups, and end rhetoric that is harmful to our children and others that struggle with many complex issues.

Over 2,000 individuals have signed our petition for reconciliation between the LGBT and Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Many of these individuals did so while fearing they were risking their membership in the Church or feared Church discipline in signing the Petition to ask the Church to consider making some changes to reconcile with the LGBT community.

Still hundreds of others expressed support of our reconciliation goals while they remained too afraid to place their name on the Petition in fear of Church discipline. Government officials including Utah’s Governor Herbert had met with us and promised a continuing dialog. Not only local Utah newspapers, but national newspapers from the west coast such as the San Francisco Chronicle the the New York Times and Washington Post  on the east coast have covered our events. In fact we have had people from all over the world contact us  to express their support of our goals to help heal those that have been harmed by the politics, practices and rhetoric of leaders and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It is getting better :)

Within 3 days of the delivery of our Petition for Reconciliation the LDS Church leaders made a major policy shift. An ordinance was about to be passed in Salt Lake City that made it illegal for landlords and employers to evict tenants or fire employees based on their sexual orientation. Once it was determined that the ordinance was going to pass whether the Church fought it or supported it, their PR employees quickly issue a statement that they supported it. It was the first time Church leaders had ever supported any legal measure that acknowledged the LGBT communities basic human and civil rights to be treated with the same respect and legal protection in these circumstances as other citizens.

We welcome you to our community and invite you to join with us, we welcome and need your support.

Please consider adding your voice to ours by sharing your feelings, experiences and hopes or story to build this community. We encourage you to write them down with your name or anonymously.

Submit them here


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