Four Tips to Keep your Mobile Safe from Theft

Studies show that more than 10 million people lost their phones in 2019 globally. Phone thefts are known to occur in areas where you are unaware of your surroundings. Fortunately, there are certain ways like the WhatsApp tracker apk to prevent this problem and also take proper precautions so that even if your device gets stolen, you can track it with ease.

Consider the below-mentioned tips and WhatsApp tracker apk to prevent phone thefts and save yourself from the headache that follows.

1. Check your environment

Phone thefts can easily take place in crowded and high traffic areas. These areas are more vulnerable to these kinds of thefts. In case you are in such an area or at a place where you can be easily distracted from the device, it is advised that you keep your mobile in your pocket or in your backpack.

You should never keep your phone on a roadside restaurant table and pick it up only when you feel like looking at the time. Phone thefts can be easily done at these places since you cannot figure out the real culprit or even make a chase after him.

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2. Take proper precautions

Taking proper precautions is one of the most important factors to ensure the security of your phone. When you are travelling, it is recommended that you keep your device at a specific place like the inside of the bag or any other pocket that can be easily accessed by you and not strangers.

By doing so, you place your phone at a place that only you can access and prevent thieves from finding out the device location; most commonly like the back pocket of your pants.

3. Install a tracking software

If your phone gets stolen, the chances are that it won’t be destroyed or damaged on purpose; it has to be inactive condition somewhere. Mobile tracking software is one of the most effective ways to keep track of your lost phone.

With the help of this mobile tracking software, you can easily track the exact location of your device, inform the local authorities about the robbery and share the device location with them.

4. Lock it up

This is another effective way to ensure that your mobile stays protected even after being robbed. Set up mobile security as it will allow only you to access the device after unlocking the home screen. Remember, thieves are not concerned much about the outer body of the device; it is the inside information that they are looking for. Ensure that you have set up a random code or, more preferably, fingerprint recognition to increase the security of your mobile.


In case you lose your phone, or someone steals it, it is important that you disable the number completely by contacting your network operator.

This way, you can disable the information that you may have stored in your device and which are linked to your number. This leaves you with no option but to start again with a new service provider or a new mobile number and a device.